The New Ye-Yé collection is inspired by the eponymous movement that emerged during the 60s

In Spain, the trend stood as a counterpoint to the oppression of the period. Young people attending house parties were a generation tearing down the norms of an oppressive society. Many new musical styles and daring, bold outfits stemmed from this period.

In this collection we want to bring that feeling of rebellion and liberation to 21st century decoration and lifestyle to challenge norms and unleash your imagination.

Our guiding principle is rebel against decorating rules and trends and create your own free, unconstrained style.

ach piece in the collection is named after artists from the time that has inspired us. The fabrics all represent the personality of each artist.

The New Yeye - Guëll Lamadrid


Large, embossed velvet offering a spectacular pixelated floral design. Perfect for creating drapes and for use in upholstery and accessories. Available in three colour
ranges: tomato, lemon and berry.

The New Yeye - Guëll Lamadrid


Multipurpose chequered jacquard cotton. Available in three colours: orangine, lemon
and trivial.

The New Yeye - Guëll Lamadrid


Duotone loop figured velvet with a playful small geometric patter that is fantastic for use in upholstery. Available in 4 colours: orangine, cucumber, lilac and mer.

The New Yeye - Guëll Lamadrid


Duotone loop figured velvet with a playful large geometric pattern that is fantastic for use in upholstery. Available in orangine.

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Quintana Partners is an interior design studio founded in 2016 by two young designers, Benito Escat and Pol Castells. In a very short space of time they have been able to position themselves at the forefront of interior design in Spain. They started off with small projects in Barcelona and Berlin, but they soon moved to Menorca where they have specialized in lovingly restoring architecturally unique, century-old houses. The studio’s work follows the maxim: “Material is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed”. Original materials are carefully handled and their beauty is revealed from beneath layers and layers of paint. Their work is based upon reuse, expanding the concept to decoration and furniture to give a second chance to the creations of the past. This is their way of contributing to sustainability in construction for a much lower impact on our planet.

The New Yeye - Guëll Lamadrid